Welcome to Interfaith!


The Interfaith Student Center is a Christian presence and ministry at the University of Tennessee at Martin and exists to serve the university students, faculty, and staff who share and assist in its mission:

  1. To create among members a more enlightened mind in matters of the Christian faith;
  2. To instruct and to aid them in the study of contemporary religious and justice issues; and
  3. To create among the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the Interfaith Center an environment of social interaction and spirit of friendship.

So, please, come join us! Our worship service, Common Ground for Christian Discipleship, is every Tuesday night. It starts at 5:30 p m. with a FREE meal provided by one of the many churches that support the Interfaith Student Center and worship follows at 6:15 p. m.

Interfaith's also open daily from 8 a. m. -10 p. m. Monday-Friday; and from 12 p. m. -10 p. m. on the weekends.